Mezzanine Floors – The ideal Solution for Business Expansion

Mezzanine Floors can offer the perfect solution for businesses wishing to expand and grow without attracting the significant cost and upheaval of moving premises. The mezzanine floor can be a bespoke design to exactly match the business’ needs saving you the substantial financial costs of re locating. As warehouses and offices in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and London become more difficult to source after the recession it makes sense to make the absolute most of your current location.

Following the addition of a mezzanine floor, businesses can benefit from:

  • Further office space
  • Additional storage
  • Expanded retail environment
  • Larger production area

Mezzanine Floor Installation Time

The time it takes a mezzanine floor to be installed is short when compared to arranging a business move. An average size mezzanine floor can typically be installed in just days. In comparison, it can take over 3 months to plan and move a business, so it’s clear the mezzanine floor offers a far quicker solution.

The timeframe for a typical mezzanine floor from start to finish is:

  • Initial Survey – The initial survey can be completed within three working days.
  • Planning & Design – This phase is a more detailed survey of the existing floor structure etc. with full drawings and a detailed proposal would then follow within five working days.
  • Material Arrival – The building materials will normally arrive within ten working days.
  • Installation – The installation will usually take approximately four or five days depending on size.
  • Building Regulations – All building regulations are dealt with in with Planning and Design stage.

Mezzanine Floor v Moving – Cost Comparison

The costs, logistics and changes required with relocating a business can be huge. There is a vast number of business elements that will need changing which can include:

  • The hassle of staff relocation
  • Stamp Duty and other fees
  • Stationery – Letterhead, Financials, Business Cards etc.
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Google Business Page
  • Adverts
  • Sales and Marketing Materials
  • Building Signage
  • Van Livery
  • Packaging
  • Insurance Policies
  • Banking Details
  • Companies House

All of this work and associated cost and hassle can be eliminated when choosing a mezzanine floor for your business expansion option.

Full Service Solution

We build Mezzanine Floors for businesses in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and London
We build Mezzanine Floors for businesses in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and London

At Commercial Services UK in Hertfordshire, we offer the complete end to end solution for the design and installation of new mezzanine floors in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and London. We ensure that the design of the new floor will exactly match your business needs both in the present and the future.

We can also support you through the planning and building regulations by providing all the drawings and information you need. Nothing is left to chance; all fire regulations, accessibility and Health and Safety requirements will be taken care of during the planning an installation. This will give you the peace of mind to carry on with your day to day running of your business, safe in the knowledge that everything is covered.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your business needs and offer advice for the best mezzanine floor solution. Please give us a call on 0808 280 2562 or email us at

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