Employers’ Fire Stopping Liability

You are liable for preserving and protecting life by:

  • Guaranteeing a reliable means of escape (e.g. fire doors).
  • Stopping the spread of fire, hot gases and smoke.
Fire breaching a doorway into a stairwell

Passive fire protection (PFP)

As an employer, Passive Fire Protection, also known as ‘fire stopping’, is your legal responsibility. Compliance with Passive Fire Protection means your building can contain a fire long enough for people to escape. Your workplace has to be divided into manageable areas of risk (‘compartmentation’) with compliant fire-rated door systems and partitions in place.

Employers, landlords and responsible persons generally fail in their duty of care through:

  1. Holes being drilled in a wall (e.g. upgrading your IT) and breaching any existing fire stopping measures.
  2. Non-compliant and poorly-installed fire door systems.

Fire stopping is your legal duty in order to help save lives but never assume you’re compliant. Our fire risk assessment can tell you for sure, then we can carry out any necessary work.

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Fire stopping measures that naturally fit with your surroundings

We are refit and refurbishment specialists so our fire stopping measures are not only compliant but also in keeping with the standard of your working environment. We have the expertise to ensure your workplace is safe, inspiring and a productive environment.

Fire door installation, for example, is a major part of Passive Fire Protection. You need a fire door system, complete with frame, seals, and self-closing device and our skill to install it properly. Then we can make sure it fits in as a natural part of your surroundings. Essentially, you get peace of mind and your building back in good condition

Passive Fire Protection by Commercial Services

This is what you need from us:

  • Fire Risk Assessment: a report on your Passive Fire Protection compliance status and recommendations for remedial action.
  • Passive Fire Protection Breach Fixes: secure any breach to the latest BS and EN regulations
  • Fire Door Systems: the complete fire stopping system including frame, seals and self-closing device.
  • 30 Minute Fire Door Installation: fire door systems to 30, 60 or 120 minute resistance
  • Regular Survey Regime: you have an obligation to carry out regular fire stopping surveys
  • Fire door maintenance: scheduled maintenance to ensure compliance.
  • Certification: confirmation that our work complies with fire safety regulations.
  • Partitioning: Passive Fire Protection and fire stopping compliant built to the required fire rated standard
  • Design and Styling: from matching corporate branding to energy saving options, Passive Fire Protection services that conform, function and fit naturally with your working environment.

Are you planning workplace alterations or service upgrades that can compromise compartmentation? Our services at an early stage in design can ensure end result compliance.

Where required our passive fire protection installations will not only conform, but fit naturally and compliment your working environment

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