How to improve staff productivity in the workplace

While in days gone by, workplace design was all about making the most about space and how to utilise it, business owners now want that space to help their staff get the job done. Staff wellbeing has become something of a hot button topic in recent years, with businesses now aware of the benefits of providing a pleasant working environment in order to get the best out of their employees.

Now, we’re not talking about turning your office into Google’s headquarters; replacing chairs with beanbags, having a fireman’s poles instead of stairs and hiring jugglers rather than receptionists. That said, there are a number of methods you can introduce that help your staff feel empowered at work and allow them to increase productivity and overall happiness at work.

Let there be light

One area where many businesses fall down when it comes to designing their office is with lighting. Because different tasks require different levels of lighting, this needs to be factored into your office design. Light can play a big role in a person’s mood, and getting it right can enhance overall wellbeing significantly. While it isn’t always possible, when you are able to use natural light, you should. Natural light not only increases productivity, it also drastically enhances staff wellbeing and general happiness.

Get creative

There is a tendancy for office walls to be very monotone, with businesses apprehensive about taking many risks with what is a professional environment. While you don’t have to adorn the walls with grafitti and pictures of waterfalls with motivational messages (which should actually be avoided at ALL times), you don’t have to limit yourself to three different shades of grey or magnolia. There is a current trend of using different textures and colours in the workplace, which helps add a sense of character to an office and increases overall wellbeing. And if you want to use artwork, we recommend regularly changing it up to keep things fresh.

A break from the norm

Not every company has the necessary room to house a specific staff room full of coffee machines and pool tables. But it doesn’t take much to have somewhere in an office or business premises where staff are able to spend time away from their desk or work station. Whether this is a place for them to grab a coffee, eat their lunch or just take five minutes to regroup, having a place where your team can go helps not only keep your staff happy, it helps keep the office as an area specifically designated for work. Plus, you won’t have to constantly replace keyboards that contain bits of lunch and orange juice.

Come feel the noise

One of the biggest issues we encounter in our industry is office acoustics and a company’s desire to create a workplace that provides areas of differing volumes. Because staff need to be able to work in an area where they can concentrate and work together while also taking calls and discussing sensitive topics without interupting their colleagues or being interrupted, being able to cater for this is essential. Ceiling features such as rafts, slatted timber and fabric lined walls can all help to control office acoustics and should be considered. Sound absorbing artwork is available. Any image can be printed onto sound absorbing panels.

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